My first official “walkabout” is in Hawaiʻi.  You may be aware that prior to this walkabout Iʻve already been living in Hawaiʻi for 5 years, but I never spent any of that time in a concerted effort to learn Hawaiian, practice any local cultural arts or explore the various islands.

Check out Episode 2 of the Walk the Planet podcast where I give all the details on my Hawai’i Walkabout Journey.

So, during the next 2 to 3 years I will be focused on doing exactly those things.  Here is the rundown:


Dates: January 2019 ~ December 2021

Location: Hawaiʻi

Being based on Oahu gives me good access to explore the other islands of Hawaiʻi.  Plus, Oahu is the most populated and highly visited island so this will be my starting point for helping share Hawaiʻi with all of you.  The general plan is to spend 2019 focused on Oahu, and then spend 2020 and 2021 exploring the other islands and sharing what I learn.

Upcoming Blog Posts

  • Overview: Co-working spaces on Oahu (16-Jan-2019)
  • The Best coffee shops and cafes to work at in Honolulu (23-Jan-2019) 
  • Ways to get around Honolulu and Oahu (13-Feb-2019)
  • Getting the lay of the land in Honolulu (TBD)
  • The Best Noodle Places in Honolulu (TBD)
  • An Introduction to Traditional and Local Hawaiian Food (TBD)
  • The Best Places in Honolulu for Local Hawaiian Food (TBD)
  • Overview: Exploring Kakaʻako (TBD)

Language: Hawaiian (ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi)

I took a couple of Hawaiian language lessons on Molokaʻi back in 2014, but I couldnʻt tell you more than 2 or 3 words that I remember.  But this time around Iʻm going to put all of my language learning methods and focus to see how far I can get with the language.  From classes to conversation partners to online resources and tutors, as far as I know, Iʻll be the first person to document their efforts to acquire proficiency in Hawaiian.  A language that, up until recently, was in danger of fading away.  All the more reason to learn it!

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Art: ʻUkulele

Iʻve never played Ukulele before, but I did teach myself to play guitar (poorly).  So, while I have a little bit of technical ability, I really donʻt know the first thing about the Ukulele.  I think I might know two chords, or maybe three.  But thatʻs it.  To learn Iʻm going to be doing a combination of personal instruction (classes) and online lessons.  My goal is to utilize Ukulele to enhance my study of the Hawaiian language.

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Service: Website and Mobile App

My community service project is going to take a little while to implement.  It will happen in a few phases over the next three years.  Each one is meant to help me develop the skills for the future phases, and all are related to my study of Hawaiian and learning the Ukulele.  You can get all the details on my plan and progress through the linked blog posts below.

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