Technically, this was not an official “walkabout”, but my time in China was the inspiration for creating Walk The and my future walkabout projects.  During the 8 years I lived in China I found myself trying to figure out how to create a cohesive experience combining the places I was visiting, the language I was (sort of) learning, and the martial arts I was practicing.

So, while this isnʻt an actual walkabout, I wanted to share my blog posts and things I learned during my life in China so that it can serve as both a blueprint and an example for what my future projects will be.  And who knows?  Someone out there might find this information helpful. 🙂

Dates: August 2005 ~ July 2013

  • Location: China
  • Language: Mandarin Chinese
  • Art: Wushu (Chinese martial arts)
  • Community Service: n/a

Articles by Topic

Traveling in China

Learning Mandarin Chinese

Wushu Training

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