The Next Walkabout!

It’s time to pick the first “official” project for Walk the  I say “official” because my first project was done before this website (sort of) and I didn’t follow a specific plan or methodology (sort of).

So, here are the broad strokes:

  • Location: Hawai’i
  • Language: Hawaiian
  • Art: Ukulele

I was tempted to have the art form be hula (and it might turn in to that later), but I thought it would be best to have something that I can practice and focus on even without a teacher.

Yes, there are a lot of hula teachers in Hawai’i (or “kumu hula” as they are called) but given my current work and personal obligations I need something I can learn at 11:00 PM from the privacy of my home.

I will write more about this project later, but I just wanted to share the announcement first, and then we’ll get into the details later.

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