Essential Challenges

What is an “Essential Challenge”?

Iʻm all about leveling up and challenging myself to develop who I am and focus energy on the essential things of life.   This is the impetus for my “Essential Challenges”.

In different areas of my life, I will be challenging myself to build and create the essentials of that area.  These are areas such as minimalist living, essential nutrition, exercise, community service, and others.

While these arenʻt full-on “walkabouts”, they all deal with some aspect of what my walkabouts area about: building the skills and systems to travel with less, learn languages, study cultural arts, and make the world a better place.

My Current Challenge

January 2019: Essential Food

What is the most efficient way to shop for, cook and prepare my food?  And what food will provide me with the best nutritional and health benefits?  In this essential challenge, I attempt to spend less than 3 hours a week shopping, cooking and preparing all of my meals.

Past Challenges

December 2018: Essential Clothing

What is the bare minimum of clothing that one needs to live their life?  In the first Essential Challenge I tackle this question by reducing my total clothing and accessories count to just 33 items.  Check out the blog post and videos here:

Other upcoming challenges

  • 02/2019: Essential Entertainment: How much entertainment do I actually need to enjoy life?
  • 03/2019: Essential Exercise: What exercise will provide me with essential mobility and strength?
  • 04/2019: Essential Spending: What do I really need to buy each month to live my ideal life?
  • 05/2019: Essential Electronics: What is the bare minimum of electronics I need to do my job?

Keep your eyes peeled as I post updates and get going on my various challenges!

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