Raising Standards in the Moment

I view rushing as a sign I am not expressing my highest standards. It seems the more I am frantically working on a task the less I am able to produce my best results.

But the rushing itself is not the issue. You can still do things quickly and with a high level of excellence — especially if you have practiced the skill consistently over time.

I have found the real issue is a combination of not being mindful and focused on the present moment, along with not maintaining a view towards high standards of excellence.

If I am not focused on the present moment, then I am not in a zone of high performance.

If I am not attempting to raise my standards, then I am cutting corners and will not be happy with the results.

Instead, I should have a mindful approach to even the most mundane tasks. From brushing my teeth to washing dishes, to folding laundry, to driving — each seemingly ordinary and boring activity can be an opportunity to express mindfulness, excellence, and a meditative approach.

When I feel I am rushing I try to remind myself to close my eyes, be still, take a deep breath, hold it, and shift my focus on mastery and mindfulness.

After all, rushing is an abstraction. Being in a hurry is an attitude, not a reality. A frantic approach is one created by anxiety for the future and not a focus on the present moment.

The future isn’t yet written, so there is no need to fret about it. The moment right now is all you have control over. You control your focus and intention right now.

Mindfulness isn’t ignoring the future, but it is necessary to acknowledge the impermanence of that which has yet to be written.

Goals and plans are useful and helpful. But they are achieved through an eye towards the now, and a meditation on raising your standards of excellence inside of each moment we live.

Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels