Quality Questions

“The most important conversation is the conversation you have with yourself each day.”

James Clear

Questions are powerful things.

The mere act of someone asking us a question causes our brains to start formulating answers. We are basically answer-seeking machines.

If I asked “what do you feel like eating?” your brain will, even without trying, start cycling through the various options to figure out what you want

But the questions we ask ourselves are considerably more powerful. Because our brains will seek out answers, even if there isn’t one.

On one hand it can be to our detriment. If we ask ourselves “Why do I keep making the same mistakes over and over?” — basically an endless-loop question with no real answer — our brains will search for one until it finds it.

“It’s because I don’t deserve to be successful”, or “It’s because I’m not a good person”, or whatever other random garbage we might make up.

Poor questions deliver poor results.

  • “Why don’t I deserve to be happy?”
  • “Why does this stuff keep happening to me?”
  • “Why doesn’t anyone like me?”

The quality of our lives are directly related to the quality of the questions we ask ourselves.

So, why not ask better questions?

  • “How can I learn from this situation?”
  • “What about this will I laugh at next year?”
  • “How will this make me a better person?”

The questions you ask yourself determines the answers you give yourself.

The answers you receive create your beliefs about yourself and the world around you.

Your beliefs dictate the actions you take.

Your actions, compounded over time, create your destiny.

So, if you could literally create your destiny through the quality of your questions, what questions would you start to ask yourself?