Lessons from Wing Chun

I recently started training in Wing Chun.

Compared to other styles of martial arts I’ve studied in the past, it is extremely direct and non-subtle.

You focus on your center line and immediately respond in a direct way to whatever comes towards you.

It is an essentialist style of martial arts, to be sure.

Nothing fancy or fluffy. Just direct action towards a specific goal.

In life, what is my center line? Do I have one?

A center line should be our singular focus. The one point in our lives around which everything else rotates. Perhaps it is faith. Perhaps it is work. Perhaps it is family. Perhaps it is school.

What is your center line?

And, when something comes towards you to interrupt your focus on the center line of your life, what is your reaction?

Do you deflect that interruption? Do you let it distract you from your center line?

Wing Chun’s approach to martial arts is to focus on the essential and deflect or take away that which distracts from that focus.

I would like to be more like Wing Chun.

So I will keep learning Wing Chun so that I can incorporate more of that philosophy into my own life.