Coming soon:

  1. A collection of articles, photos, and videos from a variety of interesting places around the world.
  2. Articles and experiences related to learning languages through immersion, self-study, and different approaches to acquisition.
  3. An exploration of various cultural arts from around the
  4. Local coffee shops, coworking spots, and places to get a feel for the local food while you do your Digital Nomad thing.

With my journeys, there are three different formats: Trips, Treks, and Travels.


A 1 – 6 week journey with no major emphasis on cultural arts or language learning, but focused on practicing minimalist travel and exploring local places of interest.


A 1 – 6 month long-term journey, with possible emphasis on cultural arts or picking up conversational ability in a language. Either staying at one main “home base” or as an extended road trip.


6+ months of minimalist living in a new location to learn a cultural art, speak the language, and explore the region.

Upcoming Journeys

May 2021 (3 weeks)
California, Washington, Idaho

Location Wish List