Finding Focus in Ecuador

Quito Ecuador

I’ve been in Ecuador for 2 weeks now and I find I am able to get into a rhythm with my day-to-day. Wake up. Taiji on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Tuesdays and Thursdays I usually sleep in. Desayuno (breakfast) somewhere local, or maybe Ruhi makes something at home. Then start work from noon until 9:00 […]

Less is Moran

The following six months is bringing many changes. It is an opportunity to use this time to avoid my normal tendencies to take on more things and try to tack on additional obligations. Instead, I would like to go in the opposite direction. Reduce the things I carry in the world. Minimize the projects that […]

Out of Sight …

Out of Sight - Walk the

It has only been around four months since I last posted to this blog. Amazingly, I completely forgot it existed. This is indicative of my tendency to get distracted by various projects. I get excited about a new projects and become hyper involved in it for a period of weeks or month (or hours) and […]

Optimizing minimal food prep

Optimal Minimalist Food Prep

I’m currently fasting. As a Bahá’í, I fast from sunrise to sunset for 19 days of the year, which this year is March 1 – 19. That means no food or liquids while the sun is up. And as a result, I’ve been contemplating my diet and nutrition quite a bit. Naturally, several questions popped in my head related to how I eat and prepare food.