All is One (獨行道 4)

I’m reminded of a story I heard where a wise man was asked to define perfection. His answer: The farther you go from the self, the closer you are to perfection.

Commit to the Path (獨行道 3)

We have a finite number of hours in the day. We have a finite amount of energy and will power. The thinner you spread those finite resources, the less impactful and focused you will be.

A stream of pleasure (獨行道 2)

Pleasure is not intrinsically a bad thing, although it has something of a bad reputation. Many might feel that experiencing pleasure, or doing something because it feels good means you are being selfish and self-serving.

It is just a tree (獨行道 1)

Viewing the world as it is and accepting the reality you see around you is often not easy. But perhaps not for the reason we think.

Dokkōdō (獨行道)

Recently, I have been reading through Dokkōdō (獨行道) and thinking about how the various precepts apply to my own life. So, I thought I would share those thoughts here.